The wife and I went for a late night ride last night. On our way home we were sitting at a red light when a old man on a moped pulled up beside me. Thats a nice car he said, and I said, Yea I like it. He asked if it was ok if he looked inside, and I said sure. He stuck his head in the window and said, Yea nice, but is it fast?

About that time the light changed so I thought I would let him see how fast. I ran it up to 80 and started to slow down when all of a sudden that moped just flys past me. Now my wife started to laugh, and this really got me so I pushed the gas pedal to the floor, and when I passed the moped I just waved. At about 110 I looked in the mirrow and saw that moped right behind me and the old guy was waving for me of get out of the way.

Well I had to know how that moped could go so fast so I slowed down, and the old man pulled up beside me. I pulled in to a lot and so did he. I ask him what he had done to that moped. He replied. Before I answer that would you please unhook my suspender from your mirror?