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Thread: Formula 1 - 2019

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    Re: Formula 1 - 2019

    AO, at the present time Alzheimer’s is terminal, and life spans are short. I just learned that Vascular Dementia is not terminal, Microvascular ischemic damage (the small blood vessels that deliver blood to the brain) is permanent, there are several types of medication that can slow down the process. Longevity of those diagnoses with Vascular Dementia have variable life spans dependent on the age at the onset and the health condition of the patient. many Vascular Dementia patients died of other causes.
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    Re: Formula 1 - 2019

    Oh I know. That’s what I’m dealing with here. The different meds have worked well to stave off symptoms and give mom more years of life in my opinion. Then, this week we started hospice home care for her and will be stopping all meds for dementia because their efficacy is nil at this point compared to side effects.

    I just read this article I thought was hopeful for treatment:

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