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Thread: 5 hp bolt on for NB

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    5 hp bolt on for NB

    Myself and others have used the 5x timing wheel to advance timing on a 99-05 NB. It gives a great bump in midrange and about 5 hp gain. The downside is that you have to remove all your belts and pulleys to install it.

    This company has come up with a simple bolt on affair to bump your timing. A couple bucks more than the 5x but looks like a 15 minute install.
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    Re: 5 hp bolt on for NB

    Cool idea. I actually really like the mount. I've always felt like the stock mount was hard to get tight (I've broken 2 trying) and tough to adjust properly. This seems like it'd be a little easier than stock. Certainly can't beat that kind of hp per dollar out of a little 4 cylinder.
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    Re: 5 hp bolt on for NB

    Stocking stuffer! I hesitated installing my 5x wheel because the car never ran better and did not want to mess that up. Was going to install it the next time I had to disassemble that part of the engine. Thanks for finding this. As good as that crankshaft repair kit I found,
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    Re: 5 hp bolt on for NB

    Now that’s clever! I know when Idid my 5X wheel, I could feel the difference. I bet this would be the same. I wonder if there would be any gap issues.

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