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Thread: Working on Big Bertha

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    Re: Working on Big Bertha

    Makes one really appreciate "light weight" cars. Anything else requires an investment in all sorts of different tools.

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    Re: Working on Big Bertha

    So, I assume that Bertha is repaired, since this thread is over a year old!

    I feel your pain on getting those U-bolt nuts off! I did a rear axle swap on my '77 Mustang (Pinto) and they must have used some kind of loc-nut, because they fought me all the way to the last thread! Whew!

    My largest vehicle right now is my 2012 Ford Escape, and compared to the Miata, is plenty big. Whenever I have to drive it after being in the Miata, it feels sooo big. The truck I traded in to buy the Miata was a '91 Ford Bronco. It was a pretty big truck as compared to my Escape, but interestingly, about the same interior cargo space.

    Here is a shot of it from back in the day...

    And yeah, I'm testing smilies too.

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    Re: Working on Big Bertha

    We sprayed them down and using a really long breaker bar we got them off. You would say everything is supersized on this vehicle. You don't realize how big the wheels and tires are until you get them off.
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