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Thread: Gearhead forum culture

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    GHadmin35 Gearhead forum culture

    The Gearheads Miata Club forum began in 2010 to serve Miata enthusiasts on a regional level, mainly as a bulletin board for the southwest Florida scene to coordinate events and help one another with problems and projects. Members here usually know each other personally, could be on a first-name basis and go to each other's houses to work on Miatas or drive together for fun.

    This Gearheads forum is positioned as a voice for Miata clubs and individual enthuiasts for the purpose of assisting others and creating a sense of comraderie. As such, we value participation over everything else and since we are not a commercial interest beholden to advertisers and membership count, we're probably the only forum who will purge members who contribute nothing.

    We are a smaller, non-commercial forum that sits between the profit-driven, overly-political nanny state that is and the younger (to be polite about a cesspool) ClubRoadster community but members here are avid participants of the other two.

    Notably, we are proud to partner with our friends at and maintain a presence there.

    We do not strive to be as big as the others but rather value our smaller, more personal and friendly niche. The Gearheads Miata Club advocates like-minded folks forming Miata clubs in their communities and helping each other and driving together but we also hope you enjoy being part of our online club as well.

    We welcome everybody who has an interest in Miatas (or cars in general) whether that means driving them, working on them, making them look better or just joining a community to chat.

    We do not have an epidemic of fighting, foul mouths, name calling, political huffing and puffing or contests of who has the most degrees and how everyone is wrong for not making their Miatas a certain way.

    There is no culture of arrogance or exclusion here, no foul criticism or official position against lowered or purely stock Miatas, stylebars or that Miatas must be for racing only for example. In other words, there is no "us versus them" on this board and no de facto position about Miatas. It is your car and your call and we welcome and applaud you for contributing.

    Our rules are simple: no politcal or religious talk (we are a car club after all) and be respectful to others. We are not grammar or profanity police but trust members to be judicious in their choice or frequency of certain words.

    We try to include the best of the other forums without the baggage. Members here dictate the culture and direction of the forum, not the other way around. You are encouraged to do so rather than going away complaining. If you have a good idea, don't lurk, say it. Want to do more? Contact us for a job and put your talents to good use while making a name for yourself here.

    While the Gearheads forum is based in SW Florida, our membership includes folks from around the country and around the world and welcomes discussions about anything. We hope you form your own local Miata club and use us as your forum.

    Thank you for being part of our community!
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    Re: Gearhead forum culture

    Most excellent credo! I like this plan! I'm glad to be a part of it!

    (And I don't mind being your token left coaster. I have been called worse--)
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    I will never understand why anybody that drives a convertible in San Diego does so, with the top up, when it is not raining...



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