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10-15-2016, 05:22 PM
Does the NB need to have fluid added to the turret when you change boots or does it get fed from the transmission?

I guess while I am cleaning up my "to-do" list for the car I will change out the upper and lower boots. Doing the rebuild kit looks to complex for my skills, lots and washers and shims and pins. I am starting to feel that I an okay with the nuts and bolts on a project but when we deal with "pins, shims, springs" I am getting cold feet.

So... it doesn't shift badly its just that I noticed the upper boot had a few holes in it last time I had the console out. Unless the angels visited my car in the last couple of years, I do not imagine it has gotten better by itself.

Just do the boots of the 'Full Monty"?????

Joe Morreale
10-15-2016, 07:56 PM
You have to suck out the turrrent fluid on the 5 speed. It's not part of the trans, like the 6 speed. I would just try changing boots and the plastic bushing at the end of the shifter. Suck the fluid out with a turkey baster. You can look it up. I think it's a few ounces to refill.

10-16-2016, 10:15 AM
You can suck the oil oil out or you could just skip that step and leave it in there. Turret oil just lubes the lower shifter bushing and linkage, not as mission critical as oil in the engine. Just fill the turret to about 60 percent to prevent spillover and reinstall the shifter.

Replacing the boots and bushings is a reasonably easy job and and the difference afterward feels like a brand new car, especially if your lower bushing was already worn out. That drawing looks kind of scary but the job is easy, even with replacing wavy washers.

A few tips: Make sure the car is in neutral before removing and replacing the shifter. When reinstalling the shifter, aim the lower bushing straight down and gently wiggle it into the hole. Don't use any force, just wiggle and gravity.

The shifter has a factory bend rearward. It is almost imperceptible but it's there. Make sure to note the lever's position by painting a little dot or tape or whatever works to remind you of its orientation before removing it.

The new lower boot will appear too small to slide down the shif lever but don't worry. Use a little soapy water and some muscle and it'll slide down into place. Come to think of it, you'll have to remove the old one the same way; up the shaft so you'll see what I mean. No, you can't easily cut it off because there's a metal ring in there.

I did a write up some years ago you can check out for ideas and photos: http://gearheadsmiataclub.n et/vB/showthread.php/73-DIY-OEM-short-throw-improved-shifter-project?highlight=Im proved+shifter

10-16-2016, 10:46 AM
Thanks as always for the reply and for the write up!
See you guys sooner or later!