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  1. Here's A Dude Taking A Rock To The Face Recording His Buddy's BMW
  2. PSA: Please Do Not Put Your Children In The Trunk Of Your Car
  3. Tesla Is Finally Giving Us Sales Numbers, But Not The Ones We Want
  4. Teen Girl Miraculously Survives Car Careening Off Cliff, Landing On Her
  5. Furious 7*Is Perfectly Ridiculous
  6. When Is A Vehicle Really American?
  7. 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost: The Jalopnik Review
  8. New Smart Car Good
  9. Here's How Ferrari Designed The Insane FXX K
  10. Lessons Learned From A Year Living In A Van
  11. Fiat Chrysler Out $150 Million Over Boy's Jeep Grand Cherokee Fire Death
  12. The McLaren 570S Has The Best Integrated Marker Light Ever
  13. Funny How Tesla Can't Sell In A State Where Lt. Governor Is A Dealer
  14. What The Hell Is Going On At The Nürburgring?
  15. New York Auto Show Coffees, Ranked
  16. In Honor Of Jalopnik's New Editor-In-Chief, Learn How To Charm The Snake
  17. Soldiers Punished For Blowing Military Resources On Smutty Photo Shoot
  18. You Can Buy A Dozen Bikes From James May And Richard Hammond
  19. The Right Car For Your Neighborhood
  20. Why I'm Excited About A Possible Mercedes Competitor To The Audi TT
  21. Simona de Silvestro Will Be Back In An IndyCar For The Indianapolis 500
  22. Rhys Millen Just Drifted The Crap Out Of That Hellcat On Empty Streets
  23. Onboard Video Of The Fastest Lap Ever Around Goodwood Is Terrifying
  24. Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Apr. 4-5, 2015
  25. A Critical Review Of James May's New Web Series
  26. How To Get Residency In A State When You Live In Your Vehicle
  27. The Race Cars And Track Toys Of The New York International Auto Show
  28. The cool people of 1983 were really into the 300ZX, as this press photo shows.
  29. Ed Bolian Chats About Driving From NY To LA Faster Than Anyone Else*
  30. Someone Is Finally Making Parking Signs That Make Sense
  31. Furious 7*Had The Biggest April Opening In History
  32. Racing Drivers With Easter Bunnies Are The Best Thing Ever
  33. The Driver Cam Is My New Favorite Onboard View
  34. Would You Go $9,000 For This Comp Prep 1985 Ford Mustang SVO?
  35. The Lyons Supercar Exists, At Least Sort Of!
  36. Genius Car Owner Replaces Back Seat With Couch
  37. Let American Hero Jack Diamond Teach You How To Flip A Car Properly
  38. Mark Lenardon, a cameraman for Motor Trend, was severely injured in a motorcycle accident.
  39. Buying A 1974 Scout II Race Truck
  40. Car Magazines That Do Not Exist But Should Exist, Ranked
  41. Justin Bieber Is Getting A LaFerrari And You Aren't
  42. For $14,500, Would You Hatch A Plan To Buy This 1996 BMW 330ti?
  43. Jeremy Clarkson Won't Face Charges For Attack On Top Gear*Producer
  44. How To Turn Your Whole Car Into A Vintage Driving Game Controller
  45. Is This The Most Beautiful French Car Ever Made?
  46. The US Just Held Long-Range Bomber Drills Over An Area Russia Wants
  47. Tokyo Drift Is Real: Check Out This 1968 Mustang With A 2JZ
  48. You Can't Drive A Ferrari On A Hawaiian Island
  49. The $75k Model S 70D Is The New Entry-Level Tesla
  50. Fuel Economy Requirements In The US Might Be Ridiculous By 2025
  51. What's The Worst Kind Of Car Passenger?
  52. Everything You Need To Know Before Game Of Thrones Season 5 Premieres
  53. Why Are Car Taillights Red?
  54. The Project Leader On The Honda S660 Baby Roadster Is Just 26 Years Old
  55. We'd Totally Pay $15 To Watch This Polish Parody Of Fast And Furious 7
  56. Ewan McGregor Wants Help Finding His Old Beetle
  57. Might This 2003 Ford Crown Vic LX Sport Command $7,500?
  58. These Are Your Most Garbage Car Dealership Experiences
  59. Did Kimi Räikkönen Lose Something En Route To Shanghai?
  60. Furious 7's "Only Female Stunt Driver" Is Full Of Sh*t
  61. Forward Air Controller Uses Android Tablet To Rapidly Order Air Strike
  62. Here's Some Drone Footage From The New York Auto Show
  63. Watch America's Most Advanced Tank Waltz For Estonians
  64. Oh, Good: The Nissan 370Z Gets Speaker Engine Noises Now
  65. This 2002 Porsche Boxster S Asks $11,750, Is Claimed Balls-Out Fast
  66. The Ten Dumbest Car Crimes Ever Commited
  67. Is An Ariel Atom A Better Snowmobile Than A Snowmobile?
  68. Should I Let A Dealer Check My Credit Before A Test Drive?
  69. The Original Off-Road Fiat Was Built By The Makers Of The G Wagen
  70. [The seat on Bertone's 1984 Ramarro (a rebodied C4 'Vette) still blow my mind.
  71. Spotter Guide overload - WEC, ELMS, Formula D and F1!
  72. These Mercedes Evolution Morphs Are Oddly Hypnotizing
  73. Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Apr. 11-12, 2015
  74. F-16 Pilots Lament Their Predator Drone Flying Fate In This Rap Video
  75. Self-Driving Cars Will Make You Throw Up
  76. This Obscure Skunk Works Jet May Help Team Win New Stealth Bomber Bid*
  77. Crappy Weather Rains Out IndyCar Qualifying; Moves Today's Race
  78. This Is Why Marc Marquez Is The Greatest Motorcycle Racer In The World
  79. This Man Will Turn Your Car Into Super Classy Art For Just $45
  80. Your Ridiculously Awesome MINI John Cooper Works Wallpaper Is Here
  81. Moto2 Rider Turns Circuit Of The Americas' Esses Into A Slip'N Slide
  82. Corner Worker Of The Year Pushes Race Car Back Onto Track
  83. Mercedes' Feuding Drivers Make For An Awkward Post-Race Press Conference
  84. Lambo Crash At Disney World Track Kills Passenger
  85. For $14,199, Yup, That’s A 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Ranchero*
  86. Gawker Madonna Nearly Suffocates Traumatized Drake With Big Wet Smooch | Gizmodo Why Gas Is Priced i
  87. Porsche Boxster Spyder GT4? Yes, Please
  88. All You Need For A Free Uber Ride In Toronto Is To Get Shithammered
  89. GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Rises To 84 People
  90. Alaska Air Flight Turns Around After Man Discovered Trapped In Cargo Bay
  91. Driver Went Wrong Direction Around Disney World Track Before Fatal Crash
  92. Crazy Italian Designers Want To Build That Fiat 500 With A Ferrari V8
  93. For $15,900, Is This 2008 Audi S6 An Imperfect 10?
  94. This Drone Footage Of The USS Ranger On The Way To Its Death Is*Haunting
  95. Saying Goodbye To The Audi R8 V10 Plus, The Best Modern Halo Car
  96. An Aston Martin V8 Is The Ultimate Muscle Car Project Hell
  97. This Is The Sad Video NYC Is Making Cabbies Watch For Safety
  98. Mohammed Al-Fayed's Daughter Drove A Leopard Mini With A Skull Shifter
  99. It was bound to happen.
  100. Video: This Is How The NSX Concept-GT Gets Its New Look
  101. For $4,500, This 1990 Toyota 4Runner Ain’t No Pavement Princess
  102. Dennis Rodman's Boobalicious H1 Hummer Is*7154*Pounds Of Pure Nonsense
  103. Here Are Your Craziest Mechanic Shop Horror Stories
  104. The Cars From The Unaired 1980 MotorWeek Pilot Were So Awful
  105. Gawker True Stories of Life on the Dole | io9 This Map Shows Just How Little We Know About Our Own G
  106. Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9 Explode In High-Def During Latest Landing
  107. Lexus' New Precision Driving Ad Is Cool
  108. I Just Want To Shove A Mattress In The New VW Transporter And Drive
  109. For $3,500, This 1987 Volvo 760 Diesel Could Be Your Rattle Can Do!
  110. Charge Your EV When Buying Dried Squid, Green Tea At Japan's FamilyMart*
  111. What Do You Want To Know About The Subaru BRZ Series.Blue?*
  112. Man Makes Awesome Video, Still Can't Sell His Ford Taurus
  113. MotoGP Is An Event That Begs You To Get On A Bike
  114. Holy Crap That Bed Bug Car Fire Was Huge
  115. [This is the Mitsubishi Concept-RA.
  116. This Is What Happens When You Turn An Audi R8 Into A Skoda
  117. Can a Ford Fiesta ST survive a thrashing on a rally stage?
  118. For $34,800, This 1976 Chevy Caprice Estate Comes With A Boat
  119. The New Star Wars Droid Is Not CGI — So How Does It Work?
  120. What's The Most Successful Race Car Of All Time?
  121. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Is Delightfully, Joyfully Flawed
  122. Which Hipster Cliché In This Jeep Ad Do You Want To Slap First?
  123. The McLaren F1 Used The Rear Lamps Of A Dutch Bus Because Of TVR
  124. Start Your Weekend With This 80s David Hasselhoff Kung Fu Lambo Anthem
  125. Watch Mercedes Recreate A Long Lost One-Off Race Car From 1938
  126. Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Apr. 18-19, 2015
  127. Today's Best Deals: The Best Headphones, Chromecast, Swimsuits, & More
  128. Sorry, Pastor Maldonado, Formula One Is Not A Rally
  129. Someone Trapped This Destroyer Inside A Rainbow
  130. This Amazing First Person View Shows Every Move It Takes To Fly A P-51
  131. Russian Troops Have Close Call With Missile, Giggles & Cheers Ensue
  132. Project Honda Logo: Conceptual Design And Interior Modification
  133. Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW E30 M3 Wallpaper Is Here
  134. Rosberg Gives Räikkönen Second Place On A Silver (Arrows) Platter
  135. You Can't Work On The Car When The Race Is Red-Flagged For Rain
  136. Pastor Maldonado Started Two Places Behind Where He Should Have
  137. The Ten Most Successful Race Cars Of All Time
  138. Everything You Think You Know About These New Sports Cars Is Spot On
  139. The ELF Electric Pedal-Mobile: What Happens When Your Bike And Car Bone
  140. All The Shameless Chinese Car Knockoffs At The Shanghai Motor Show
  141. Pilot Totally Cool Watching His Plane Burn After Crashing Into Boat*
  142. John Oliver's Doomsday Video Is A Hell Of A Lot Nicer Than CNN's
  143. There's Imperial Star Destroyers All Over Craigslist Now
  144. Donkervoort Just Murdered Out The D8 GTO
  145. [I just bought a 1992 Lancia Y10 GT i.e. for $270 for its 78 hp fuel injected 1.3 that I’ll put into
  146. AMG’s Tobias Moers asks: should Mercedes build a GT4 race car?
  147. The Fast & Furious Supra Will Sell For More Than You Can Afford, Pal
  148. Portland BMX Rider Casually Jumps Over Parked Lamborghini*
  149. Can A Lamborghini Huracan Match A Countach Where It Really Counts?
  150. The 2016 Camaro SS Gets The ZL1's Fancy Magnetic Ride Suspension
  151. The Navy's Most Shadowy Spy Is 450 Feet Long & Named After Jimmy Carter
  152. Five Reasons To Drive A "Super" Beetle
  153. The Stupidest Pop-Up Spoiler
  154. Volkswagen Chairman Piech Loses His Head In Bid To Take Winterkorn's
  155. Hacked Tesla Twitter Account Is Offering People Free Cars
  156. My Alfa is gone.
  157. Why Buy A Ford Taurus When This Ridiculous V10 Audi S6 Is Way Less?*
  158. Police Search For Street Racers Responsible For Death Of Florida Woman
  159. 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C: All The Great Little Details
  160. Uber Is Reportedly Bidding Up To $3B For Nokia’s Mapping Service
  161. Yes, These Are Official Press Photos From Rolls-Royce
  162. Motorcycle Sprocket Impales Driver's Windshield
  163. Your Ridiculously Awesome LaFerrari and Enzo Wallpaper Is Here
  164. For $3,500, Would You Wake Up This 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vega?
  165. This Car Was Just Expelled From Quebec For Being Too Fully Sikkkk Yo
  166. Source: 2016 Camaro Gets 440 HP V8 And A 270 HP Turbo Four!
  167. What's The Most Awesome Photo Of The Most Boring Car?
  168. Why Buy A Mustang GT When This Awesome Porsche 911 Turbo Is Way Less?*
  169. Your Ridiculously Awesome Lamborghini Wallpaper Is Here
  170. Might The M2 Be Better Than The M4?
  171. America Will Get A Four-Cylinder Porsche Boxster And Cayman Next Year
  172. Hinchcliffe Expected To Make Full Recovery After Horrific IndyCar Crash
  173. Come Check Out The 2016 Miata On Tuesday
  174. Race Cars Do Not Make Good Lawnmowers
  175. Montoya Drove From The Back To Win A Four-Way Battle For The Indy 500
  176. Video: Nissan Uses The Fairlady Z To Solve Japan's Butter Shortage
  177. A Miata, A V8, And Not Much Else
  178. Watch This Narrated Comic About Honda's Origins In English Or Japanese
  179. Spotted In Rome: The Curious Quadracycles Of Italy
  180. Fox & Friends Hosts Attempt To Change Tire, Step On Own Genitals
  181. USS Arizona Memorial Reportedly Struck During Docking Op In Pearl Harbor
  182. Takata Airbag Recall Hits Japan As Honda Calls Back 340,000 JDM Vehicles
  183. You Can Bid On This Rusty P-51 Mustang For The Price Of A Ford Mustang
  184. The Koenigsegg One:1's Successor Should Be Powered By A Nuclear Core
  185. What Car's Base Engine Is Secretly Awesome?
  186. Battered Rallycross Volkswagen Finally Looks Like An Off-Road Volkswagen
  187. Watch Denny Hamlin Make A Sneaky Ninja Pass At Pocono
  188. Insane Canadian Grand Prix Pass Had Zero Room For Error
  189. All The Interesting New Technology On The 2016 BMW 7-Series
  190. Which Is Your Favorite BMW 7 Series?
  191. Corvette Racing Pulling No. 63 C7.R From Le Mans After Crash
  192. Watch A Rented Lamborghini Spectacularly Crash On A Dallas Toll Road
  193. All Three Nissan LMP1s Get Grid Penalties At Le Mans For Being Too Slow
  194. 30 Fascinating Photos Of HMX-1's Ospreys Working For The White House
  195. Aston Martin Hits Concrete Wall At Le Mans; Driver In Medical Center
  196. Rafael Nadal Is Unimpressed With His New Tennis Ball Mercedes
  197. For $19,000CA, This 1992 Ford Thunderbird SC Shouts Snakes Alive!
  198. Body Filler: How Hard Could It Be?
  199. This*Coach-Built 1979 Pontiac Firebird*Is One Of*One, Asks $26,995*
  200. The Tesla Model 3 Will Come As A Sedan And A Crossover*
  201. Phoebe Ryan -- 'Ignition / Do You...'
  202. Can We Make You Desire A Mustang II?
  203. Help Police Identify The Charleston Shooter's Car
  204. Daily-Driving A C4 Corvette May Involve Girlfriends Flashing Truckers
  205. Get It In Writing! - Lehto's Law Pod/Vid Cast
  206. Watch Legendary Racing Driver Walter Röhrl Crash A Porsche 918
  207. This Porsche Highway Crash Might Be The Craziest We've Ever Seen
  208. It's Official: This Tesla Trip Is The Fastest Ever... For Charging
  209. Jenson Button Is Formula One's Most Honest Man
  210. Your Ridiculously Awesome Shelby Baja 700 Wallpaper Is Here
  211. 2016 Ram Cummins Diesel Has 900 Freaking LB-FT Of Torque
  212. Video compares pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car and more
  213. America's Ten Most Ridiculously Low Speed Limits
  214. Koenigsegg's Look Ma No Hands Feature Still Blows Our Mind
  215. What's The Least Car-Like Car?
  216. Report Urges Pentagon To Arm F-35Cs With Tactical Nuclear Weapons
  217. Zany 2016 Ford Focus RS Rated At 345 Horsepower
  218. Here's The 2016 Cadillac XT5 Crossover Running Around Manhattan*
  219. Yes, It Is Possible To Do Donuts In A Saab
  220. [This is the Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo.
  221. IMSA Vows To Bring More Eyeballs To Vintage Racing
  222. IndyCar Race Did Not End Well For Ryan Briscoe, Who Went Airborne
  223. A SpaceX Rocket Just Exploded in Mid-Air
  224. MotoGP Racer Completes Miracle Save By Crossing Finish Line Sidesaddle
  225. The Maserati Ghibli Is A Luxury Sedan That Sucks At Luxury
  226. Banana Derby Is The Weirdest Sport You've Never Seen*
  227. What Vehicle Trim Needs To Be Offered That Isn't Already?
  228. Toyota Mirai Goes 312 Miles Before Having To Hunt For A Hydrogen Station
  229. The Complete Guide To Every Single Terminator, From T-1 To T-3000
  230. Take The World's Hardest Abstract Expressionist Car ID Quiz!
  231. This Is Volvo's Idea Of The World's Most Resplendently Luxurious Baby
  232. What Would These Famous Pre-Automobile People Drive?
  233. Take A Deep Dive Into Jaguar's $1.5 Million Lightweight E-Type
  234. Happy*Independence Day America!
  235. Watkins Glen Is Fantastic Because Of Everything That's Not At The Track
  236. Rumor: Aston Martin To Bring Mercedes Power Units To Red Bull F1 Team
  237. Here Is Your 2015 Women's World Cup Final Liveblog
  238. [Austin Dillon’s #3 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet waiting for the tow truck after the accident at the NAS
  239. Comment Of The Day: It Hurts Because It’s True Edition
  240. New Honda CEO Says Yes To English After Predecessor Called It 'Stupid'
  241. CA Lane-Splitting Bill Stalled Because They’re Not Sure How To Apply It
  242. Nissan Ad Seems To Promote Illegal Off-Roading In Japan's National Parks
  243. Sharknose Week Continues With More BMW 3.0 CSL
  244. For $6,500, This 1985 Maserati Biturbo is a Biturbo No More
  245. Rebuilding A BMW 3.0 CSL
  246. Foo Fighters -- 'Big Me'*
  247. How Do Cars Feel When You Touch Them?
  248. Saturday's Best Deals: Eneloop Batteries, Roku Streaming Stick, & More
  249. Brad Keselowski's Car Is Fast Even When There's A Crew Man In Front
  250. Roberto Merhi Banned From Two Races After Causing Finish Line Crash