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Thread: Forum rules & guidelines

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    We're pretty simple:

    1. NO purely political nor religious discussions are permitted on this forum. Additionally, political snipes, sneaky one-line insults, vague or oblique references with intent to convery a political message and avatars/signature lines that convey a purely political or religious message will be deleted. When in doubt, rule it out.

    That's not say issues affected by politics are not allowed. For example, a thread such as "California going way too far with draconian car laws" is a great topic idea.

    2. Be nice! Respect others as you expect them to respect you. No fighting, name calling, personal digs, mean-spirited or unsolicited criticism. If a poster asks for opinions, be honest and helpful but not cruel. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. If you have nothing more to contribute to the topic, don't derail a thread.

    3. Spamming results in immediate permaban. It is usually a spambot anyway.


    Write descriptive titles please! For example, instead of a title like "Help!," write a better title like "Help - my Camaro battery dies after only two days." People are more apt to respond if they read a descriptive title.

    When posting an off-site story, add a little more content than just a link. Nobody wants to open your thread just to see a link and nothing else.
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