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10-10-2014, 07:59 PM
Hey guys. Good news and bad. Took the car to get tires and aligned today. Good new first! Synthetic oil and fresh rubber :)
Bad news ... couldn't get it aligned because they are scared to take the rusty bolts out.
so ....
Fresh oil and rubber CHECK
Need( and this is what they specifically called them)
I need camber bolts all the way around
I need castor bolts for the front
and I need toe bolts.

So ... Are there kits available? What do I get? Where should I look?
and also, I need to replace both radiator hoses because they are pretty solid, no flexibility left from dry rot prob and they said there is a slight leak in the tranny .....

Good news and bad I guess. My project begins .... staying positive

Joe Morreale
10-11-2014, 07:38 AM
I recently replaced all my caster and camber bolts with these. Took a couple hours goofing around.

I never heard of toe bolts. They might of meant tie rod ends which are used to get your toe in adjusted. These are cheapos from Auto Zone. Auto Zone will rent to you, with a credit card,. for free the tool to remove the tie rod end. Make sure you soak everything in PB Blaster everyday for a couple days to loosen it up before trying to take these apart.
http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/Duralast-Tie-Rod-End/1991-Mazda-MX-5-Miata/_/N-itiqpZ8oxky?itemIden tifier=819468_10302_ 5770_

Don't just replace the 2 radiator hoses. It may seem that they are bad but I can guarantee the rest of the cooling hoses are shot as well. It's a PITA job but you need to replace all the hoses. If one little 1/2'' hose lets go when you're driving you will overheat your engine and possibly blow the head gasket and warp the head. It will happen before your temp gauge even registers anything wrong. This kit is for 90-93. I would replace the thermostat at the same time. I would use an OEM one as well.
http://parts.arlingtonmazda .com/products/COOLANT-HOSE-KIT-%28PKMIAD1004%29.htm l

If you replace the camber bolts yourself, mark on the old bolts the orientation of them in relation to the vertical mark on the control arm.Use the marks on the washers that are on the bolt side of the bolt, not the nut. If that makes sense. Install the new ones in the same place. Pretty much the same thing with the tie rod ends. Mark where they were screwed to and turn the new ones to that spot. That will get your alignment close enough to get to an alignment shop. Don't drive it around like that. Miatas are very sensitive to alignment and I guarantee you will be way off. When you get aligned give the shop specific numbers to align it to. Factory spec are too vague. I used these. You can research to see if your preference is different.


The tranny leak I would have to look at. If it's a rear seal it's a piece of cake to repair. If it's front seal the trans has to come out and you should do a few "while I'm in there" things. I would put new clutch kit, new rear main seal, new trans front seal and new trans rear seal. So it's a bit of work and about $250 in parts so let's hope that's not the case. There are some fittings that can leak as well.

In the mean time learn how to fill the trans and keep an eye on the level. You don't want it to get so low that you fry a synchro or bearing. You probably want to pull the console and check the shifter boots, both inner and outer. If the inner boot is torn, which most over 4 years old are, you will lose trans fluid. It will dribble down the trans making it look like the trans is leaking. While you have the console and boots off get a wrench on the top of the turrent bolts to make sure that they are good and tight. They can loosen up and leak.

outer boot
http://parts.arlingtonmazda .com/products/INSULATOR-%28NA01%252d64%252d4 81B%29.html

inner shift boot. This is the one that allows turrent trans fluid to leak.
http://parts.arlingtonmazda .com/products/BOOT%2CDUST-%28M514%252d17%252d4 80A%29.html

10-11-2014, 09:20 AM
Very informative and all the information I needed. Thank you so much! Have a lot to do!

10-11-2014, 09:41 AM
I'll go ahead and order the bolts and the hoses. That way I can make sure my hoses are good and I can get aligned. Would anyone be willing to help me replace my bolts and/or hoses? Can pay for your time. Rather have someone who knows/love miatas and can show me what to do rather than some shop charging me out the rear for it to be done and me not learn anything in the process. Rather do all the work myself then just have shop align it.