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  1. Ebay rear lights (black Altezza style for NA)
  2. Beatrush by Laile Rear strut bar
  3. Fun with PlastiDip
  4. Stock washer nozzles vs. diffused-spray nozzles
  5. MiataRoadster short shift kit install & review (5-6spd,
  6. Vision X Solstice (Solo) LED fog lights
  7. CoolBreezeScoop - scoops air into the car
  8. (All Miatas) Teflon Window Guides Product Review 4/27/12
  9. AWR Racing problems
  10. Harbor Nissan: window tinting, wax & dyno
  11. Aftermarket Driveshaft
  12. Water Cooled Oil Cooler
  13. Cheap Auto Insurance for Miatas
  14. Wipe New trim restorer (As Seen on TV!)
  15. Race Ramps
  16. Master Brake Cylinder Brace
  17. Extreme Performance Tires
  18. Rear-ender preventer...I hope! (clear third brake light/pulser)
  19. Cheap Code Reader
  20. Found a pretty cool European Miata parts vendor. TopMiata.com