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Thread: (All Miatas) Teflon Window Guides Product Review 4/27/12

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    (All Miatas) Teflon Window Guides Product Review 4/27/12

    Available through "The Guideman" Listed as "Light Vendor" on this forum

    Teflon Window Guides:

    At the risk of sounding like a product endorsement, these are a good investment. Get them now while you can at a decent price (not that the regular price is not fair), put them on the shelf and they are ready for the next time your are working inside the door.

    If yours are broken or have a flat spot or have simply given up the will to live, you will be happy that you changed them out. It's only about an hour extra time (if you have the door apart already) to install them. At least that's how long it took me the first time. That's figuring 40 minutes for the first side figuring out what you need to do, and 20 minutes for the other side after you have learned the process.

    Not only will you windows work better (especially if you OEs were toast) but they will rattle less. This is especially nice when you close the door! It's SOOOOO much better.
    Make sure you have a set of torx/star drives to take the old ones off of your windows. Other than that, no special tools needed. It really is worth doing.

    The shipping is prompt and the communication with the seller is great. The guides are well made and you can order the kits with or without the torx/star bit and with or without grease
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    Re: (All Miatas) Teflon Window Guides Product Review 4/27/12

    Will be purchasing during group buy scheduled in May. No need to convince me.
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