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Thread: Mazda MX5 RF wind noise

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    Mazda MX5 RF wind noise

    Watched Motor Week this weekend and they tested the 2017 MX5 RF. Nothing I did not already know, but teh commit that got me was that the wind noise with the top down is horrible. A test drive would definitely in order before I would buy one to see how bad it is. MY NB isn't too bad.
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    Re: Mazda MX5 RF

    I saw that episode too and was going to post about it. It’s common sense that all convertibles are going to experience wind noise so no surprise there but I think the RF is much like the Corvette with the roof panel removed. The “coupe” portion of the rear creates an interesting dynamic in the form of a noisy, pulsing sound because of the parachute-like design with the rear window and trunk area. I don’t need a wind tunnel and smoke to prove it because I can hear and feel what’s going on.

    I have a plastic, “visor” that spans the upper windshield frame and sticks up about an inch which solves the problem as it directs air up and over the coupe section. I think the same thing could be made for the RF which would arrest that noise problem too. Another thing that helps is the wind deflector behind the seats.
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    Re: Mazda MX5 RF wind noise

    I thought the RF had a rear window that rolled down, kinda like the old del sol's????

    That would cut down on the wind noise

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    Re: Mazda MX5 RF wind noise

    My 1972 914 Porsche a targa with aremoval roof. It was noisy, louder than the MGB with the top down. The bigger problem was that the wind would cyclone off the back window (nonremobpvable) and blow Brenda’s very long hair over head and wipe her face. When I wanted to remove the roof she would have to braid or tie it into a ponytail and also wear a hat. It was an issue that had to be agreed to before driving with the top down. I will post a photo of her wearing the hat and post it as a Repy.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but that’s one more reason why I not like the RF. I would consider buy it as a true GT FB.
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