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Thread: New Wheelers Dealers

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    New Wheelers Dealers

    Watched the premier of the new Wheeler Dealers the other night and I think they pulled it off without Edd. I believe the backlash from over 200 countrys where the show is aired had them rethink the premise of less hands on content. Ant Anstead had big shoes to fill (no pun intended) and he seems to be a very talented mechanic. The show kept my interest even though they obtained a car I never heard of before even though it is a Ford Escort (European). I saw previews of future episodes and they will be having some interesting future cars. They did tear down a turbo and rebuild it and pull the engine by dropping the subframe to fix an oil leak between the engine and trans.

    I miss mild mannered Ed in contrast with more excitable Mike. Ant is more in your face flamboyant and will have to get use to him. Posted a on a show from England (For the Love of Cars) that I saw him in and he was more reserved.

    Overall, I will give it a chance.
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    Re: New Wheelers Dealers

    Yeah, I agree with you, I had similar reactions to Ant Anstead (what is Ant short for Anthony?) I found him to be more like an engineer. Putting that aside he did have a very good explanation of how a turbo works, and like the comment that all engines should have turbos. The big disappointment I have with the new MD Season 5 is that they are not rescuing old classic or well used up mid range cars for buyers who want a good running car or sport classic. The disappointment came when the owner who accepted Mikes offer of 30k, then buy back the car for 50K. I'm look for the next show that has Mike purchasing a 3000 Austin Healy.
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    Re: New Wheelers Dealers

    I got a chance to watch it last night and my first impression is wow, they have a hell of a budget! $30K just to buy the car! I think the production was pretty good with some history, mechanical tips and even fabrication of the wing. The explanation of a turbo got a bit too drawn out and complicated, especially since everyone knows what a turbo is. The interview with the original designer and wind-tunnel testing was pretty cool but man, did anyone notice the wing itself cost $5,000??

    Anyway, maybe they blew a lot of money on this first episode to kick off the new season with the new guy so we’ll see how they do with more realistic builds. I also noticed the show was an hour and 15 minutes long which gives them 55 minutes of actual show, subtracting for commercials. If subsequent shows return to the 1-hour format, there will only be 40 minutes of actual show they’ll have to cram everything into.
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