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Thread: Wheeler Dealer on Velocity TV

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    Wheeler Dealer on Velocity TV

    At the Tech Day for Jeff's car there was some talk about this show. Honestly, after I sold my MR2 back in 2001 and switched to a 21' boat and a van to tow it, I didn't enjoy watching car shows as much as I used to. I still watched a lot of racing, but not much beyond that. Now that I'm back in the sports car fold and have started getting involved in enjoying driving and auto-xing and doing some basic work on my car, I've found Wheeler Dealer to be good fun. So I recorded a bunch of them during a Velocity WD marathon. I started watching old ones where they worked on smaller and less expensive sports cars with a real eye on the budget. I found it pretty cool and it has only 'geared up' my enthusiasm to work on my own car.

    But this morning I watched the show where they bought a 1964 Corvette Stingray for about $30K and put another $10 into body work, paint, shipping and such and then sold it for a bit over $60K. What a great deal. And the car was very cool. I liked the '60's Vettes (I was a teenager back then) and then lost interest in them as they became lead sleds in later years. But they did get their spirit back with the newer versions and racing them in IMSA and LeMans.

    So I wanted to say thank you to MM, Joe, Yata, Smiley, Rafael and Jawolf for getting me to tune in. Thanks guys.

    BTW, did anybody see the Overhaulin' show where they did John Force's old school bus? That brought such a flood of memories for me and my very similar looking (before the overhaul) 1950 school bus/motorhome I used as a tow vehicle for a number of years when I first started racing back in the mid 70's.
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    Re: Wheeler Dealer on Velocity TV

    I was talking to my Father in Law 2 days ago about the John Force bus. When I was working the Turkey Trot at the racetrack his brother Louie Force was there telling all kinds of stories about him and John, the bus being one of them.

    John's brother Louie is a crazy guy as well. He's into trucks. He's building a double blower double turbo Kenworth that will rev to 5000 rpms. He wants to try the Bonneville Salt Flats with it. Here's a video of his current ride.

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    Re: Wheeler Dealer on Velocity TV

    The most impressive job Ed China ever did was pulling the transmission out of the Subaru WRX All Wheel Drive to replace the clutch. Absolutely no room under the hood or under the car and the trans is also a trans-axle. Labor would cost a fortune. Had a Toyota CAMRY All-Trac all wheel drive, but that car never needed fixing.
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    Re: Wheeler Dealer on Velocity TV

    There was a Top Gear USA episode recently titled "Weekend Race Cars" that features MM's Miata going through all the antics they usually think up for show.

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