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Thread: Tire mount suggestions

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    Tire mount suggestions

    Where do you get your tires mounted? I have been going to Charlotte Harbor Exhaust. Anyone got another that they are happy with?

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    Tire mount suggestions

    I got mine mounted and balanced from goodwin-racing before they shipped them to me.

    I haven't used anyplace local for anything good. I have used a few 'used tire' guys (for cars that don't matter)... They do it for cheap cheap! But I wouldn't trust them with good wheels....

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    Tire mount suggestions

    I'm just getting Dunlop Star Specs mounted on my extra set of rims. Think I'll stay with Charlotte Harbor ...they sell and mount all sorts of aftermarket wheels.

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    Tire mount suggestions

    I haven't had a chance to have it done in Florida yet but I'll take any place with a Hunter 9700 balancer, usually afforded by bigger places like Sears or Tire King or specialty race shop. There's a big difference between a regular balance and a road force balance, besides the $20+ per tire fee.

    Only a road force balance can identify the smallest balance differential and simulates the tire's performance on the road. I've stood next to the guy balancing my tires and it's quite an involved process requiring rotating tires on wheels a little or a complete 180 degrees, even swapping tires to different wheels and balancing all over again just to get the smallest balance differential.

    No tire/wheel combo is ever perfectly balanced where it doesn't need weights but on a regular balance machine, it'll show a perfect balance but put the same set on the Hunter and it'll reveal it as being out of balance. The Miata is very sensitive to tire balance and the notorious 65mph shimmy has been fixed with a road force balance.

    Always make sure to be present for your tire balance and get the printout from the 9700. Do not accept a balance where the tech slaps on several ounces of weight in one place. To or three ounces, maybe but not some 8-12 ounce brick. That tire would be better off rotated on the wheel. Most of all, don't let the tech use clip-on weights on your nice aluminum wheels!

    More info on the Hunter:



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