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Thread: Over Moderation

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    Re: Over Moderation

    Quote Originally Posted by WolfTDI View Post
    Well, Minuteman has a little trouble in this regard.
    Like Rodney Dangerfield once said, "I get no respect, no respect at all". Lay it on me, I can take, it.

    Regarding all the positive comments about Dawn Patrol, thanks guys! The drive and sharing breakfast are one of my favorite activities. Sometimes a forest fire has to rage to renew growth. Lets move on and continue having fun.
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    Re: Over Moderation

    Quote Originally Posted by Boris View Post
    Not quite and not just one person.
    This has been in the making for quite some time, long before the latest update.

    Here's the thing.
    If we want tech info all we have to do it jump over to one of the other Miata sites that have been around for ever. It's all been discussed and written about countless times. The wheel is already invented.
    What the other sites don't have is the local, social angle. That's what should be emphasized here and not how to torque down a spark plug.
    Sure, tech threads are great but I bet Minuteman draws in more members with his Dawn Patrol "fun" threads. Those threads are full of more than just "well done" and "that looks nice" responses that you see in your typical tech snooze feast.

    I'm not here to pile on, I'm just the new guy and this is your place. I understand your rules which doesn't mean I agree with them so I chose not to be as active in the forum. That's all.
    This is almost a separate topic but just to answer, this has always been a technical club with some driving thrown in. The forum is just an extension of those founding principles. I know you picked the most mundane example (torquing spark plugs) but the fact is, our DIYs are the most viewed and consistently referenced part of the board.

    We're not trying to reinvent the wheel and I'm sorry you think think people's work amounts to a snooze feast but people actually do like them and that's part of our niche. From Pdexta's intake manifold job, to Joe's leather seat restoration to my own stock shifter modding...these are a lot of work and have hardly been written about countless times. People love content like that and the statistics reflect that.

    It has always been our position to encourage members to contribute knowledge. I refuse to believe that just because it's been written about before, sometimes not very well, that we should throw in the towel and not try to do a better job. When a member does something, maybe for the first time, there's nothing wrong with posting up his accomplishment to be proud of.

    We support people doing that and it's a good social aspect of our forum. If a member changes oil by himself for the first time, I'm not going to knock it becuause I've done it a thousand times before. I want him to feel proud, get some kudos and for others to feel they can do it too.

    As for the social aspect, I totally agree. We are unique because we serve our community, many times in person. We work on each other's cars, we go for drives, we have parking lot sessions to educate newbs. Now we're meeting for social events which is something we hadn't really done before because we didn't want to be a drive-to-eat-ice cream club. We're going to be getting cards to pass out locally to hopefully increase our numbers and fun events.

    The thing is, we're making strides for more participation, more members and enthusiasm and it's not an either-or proposition. Just because we meet for food and conversation doesn't mean we give up on the technical side of our identity. So, if you personally think technical threads are a waste of time, you're not obligated to do write any.

    Quote Originally Posted by pdexta View Post
    Yellow, I certainly appreciate what you've done for the board and I can understand what work you've put into it, but I feel like you missed the point of my initial post. We are a close knit group and I feel like this place would be better off if you guys could pretend we're standing in a circle rather than posting on the internet. If a conversation goes off topic, nobody is going to jump in the circle and inform us we're not allowed to talk about that, or we have to move over to a different group if we want to discuss something else.

    I've got no issue at all with a thread I've created going off topic, few things makes me happier than coming back to see a thread I created have a ton of posts, even if the the topic is drifting a bit.

    * Edit - For the record I do not feel like I have been singled out in any way and this thread wasn't meant to single out any one person. I feel like the staff here is doing a great job, I was just suggesting that we modify the job description a bit.
    Scott, I understand and appreciate your point very much. Just for the sake of discussion, I want to say that the dynamics of talking in a group at Hooters is different than the dynamics of talking in a forum. The former is fleeting and social but the latter is archived and researched later.

    You haven't given me much detail other than "the forum is overmoderated" so I have no specfic threads to explain. I would like to point out that we're only talking about a small part of the forum that I believe should be moderated from pointless drift and that would be in the technical sections. The forum is more than technical. We have open sections in car talk, non automotive talk for example. Threads drift like crazy in there and there's a lot of poking fun and laughs.

    There is a line drawn in the technical sections however, not only out of respect for the author who has gone through all the work but also for the future when people research the topic. Nobody wants to get into a topic, read a bunch of distracting posts, funny pictures just to get to the meat of the subject.

    Now, I hear you when you say you personally don't mind if that happens to your thread. But for as vocal as you are about that here, believe me, I get PMs from members and comments from people who didn't join that we start off good and then quickly turn into crap, that we're not serious and that there's no moderation...just to paraphrase a few.

    So, what are we supposed to do? We're trying to be all things to all people all the time and that inevitably makes some unhappy some of the time but at least we're trying to accommodate everyone and your opinion has not gone unheard.

    So, just to reach a medium, we're still going to clean up thread drift in technical sections, no irrelevant back and forth, pictures of Mickey Mouse or whatever. So please, just don't give a Mod reason to. It's just not welcomed there because it has no intrinsic benefit to the subject and that's not just my opinion, it's by request from other members like you.

    There's no making everyone happy all the time and I'm sure some of our less tolerant folks will take their ball and go home but if that's all it takes then they were going to leave anyway for whatever other reason.

    What else can I do? What makes some happy, pisses off others but rather than conclude the whole forum sucks, I would just remind everyone again that there are plenty of other sections to joke around and drift off-topic in. I think I should I should make up a notice that covers what to expect here so that people don't get invested here and then leave in a huff the first time their post gets edited.

    Oh, and thank you for your appreciation for my efforts here. It's hard to bring that up without sounding like I need a pat on the back which I don't. I only said all that because if I can go through a grueling year of all this and still stick with it even though I've wanted to just quit sometimes, then it just irks me why others would rather quit at the drop of the hat and even proudly say so. It would seem better to have a thicker skin and stick around to make the place better rather than quit because they got butthurt once. So, my rant had nothing to do with your original post and sorry to seem like I missed your point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Morreale View Post
    In a nutshell I agree with pdexta. We all pretty much know each other and the posts are somewhat personal. I don't think anybody minds if somebody throws in an off topic thread here and there. We, as a group stay on the track intended. Addressing Boris' post I too am not real local and can't attend some social events but the Dawn Patrols have seemed to bring out more members than any other event other than All Florida. I'm now off topic and will close.
    Again, one or two of you don't mind but others do and I'm stuck in the middle trying to balance it all. Dawn patrols and other social events are another topic.

    ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

    And astonishingly, for a serious thread that's specifically about moderation and thread drift there are already jokes in here?
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